Low Energy Neurofeedback System


The Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) addresses underlying neuropsychological functions by increasing the self-regulatory capabilities It appears to do this by re-toning the brain's reactions to stimulation, interrupting the inhibitory self-protective mechanisms of the brain that interfere with the connectivity, and facilitating cortical functioning that integrates subcortical electrical activity and normalizes recorded amplitudes.  The emphasis is on the disrupting dysfunctional patterns and letting the brain re-establish the connections in ways it sees fit to do, without micromanagement.  The mechanisms by which this process occurs are not understood at this time.  If; however, the calculations generating the feedback are corrupted or removed, the improvements in functioning are not longer seen.

The average duration of treatment across all problems is approximately twenty-five sessions. Some exceptions to this average are autism, severe head injury, continuing stress disorders, and clients returning to stressful home environments.  Genetics (high levels of frontal lobe alpha) increase duration of treatment.  Some medications given for a specific diagnosis may have an effect on the average, as well.


Diagnosis does not determine treatment approach for the following reasons:

1. There are many variations in clinical pictures within the same diagnosis.
2. The diagnosis is often inaccurate, and equivocal, especially with chronic conditions.
3. There are many neurological any physical pathways to the same behavioral phenomena.
4. The presence of multiple problems may enhance the treatment of an otherwise difficult problem.
5. It is the EEG patterns that begin to dictate the treatment plan, along with client feedback, not a specific diagnosis.

When a client decides to begin treatment with LENS, the client will complete Sensitivity and Central Nervous System Questionnaires. These questionnaires are what the beginning treatment applications are based on.  As treatment continues, the practitioner and client discuss client experience while monitoring the brain maps produced.  From client reporting and inspection of the brain maps, treatment can be tailored to each individual client.


Keep in mind the LENS does not cure any of these problems; however, it will often increase functioning for somebody with symptoms associated with these problems. We have experienced some clients being able to become medication free or able to reduce dosages of medications they have been prescribed.   If the problem is a progressive disease, the functional improvements will be temporary, somewhere between two and five years, before the disease takes it course.

$90 Initial Session, $50 each session thereafter until completed

What Can Be Treated With Our LENS service?

Anxiety Disorders

Attention Deficit Disorder, with or without hyperactivity

Depression, all types from reactive to lifelong endogenous

Explosiveness and Irritability

Head injury and post-concussive problems


Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue


Alcoholism and Addiction issues

Impulsive/Compulsive behaviors

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