The marriage relationship is the one relationship where two people can experience the deepest connection and joy that can be had but unfortunately, it may be the relationship where many experience the most pain, confusion, rejection, and hurt they will ever experience. With almost every couple Todd counsels, one of the first things  he hears is, "We just cannot communicate with each other." 

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What Results Could You See/Experience With My Couples Counseling?

Tools to enhance communication

Marriage Enrichment

Clearer understanding of each other’s roles in marriage

Learn to fight fairly

When both individuals are willing to participate, real change and healing is possible

Respect your husband/Love your Wife

Therefore, one of the main things Todd and his clients collaborate on is how to communicate more effectively.  To make progress in communication, clients will consider and discuss the ways they communicate, fight, disagree, and so on.  Discussion will also take place regarding each spouse’s thought process when in the heat of the moment.

Todd has found that most couples, once they are able to communicate, make progress quickly in resolving the other issues they come to counseling with.  Respectful, loving communication relieves multiple problems! Other topics that effect communication are cognitive distortions, unresolved hurts or wounds, breaking fair fighting rules, and differing motivators between husband and wife.  All of these topics can be addressed and a happier marriage awaits!

Todd is also certified in Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage (LYW), click on the link below for more information about LYW.

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