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Rocky Mountain Neurotherapy and Counseling is located in Loveland, CO across from Benson Sculpture Park. At RMN, we provide treatment with the Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) and counseling for our clients who are struggling with a wide array of symptoms. We started our practice in July of 2012 in a tiny office of roughly 120 square feet. Over the years, we have been blessed to work with a diverse clientele with an equally diverse set of issues and circumstances. During this time, RMN has grown and has moved into a beautiful office that adds to the therapeutic environment we have created. Our clients frequently comment on the peacefulness of our space; it feels like a home away from home.

As a believer, Todd provides Christian counseling and leans towards Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. What is more important; however, is to provide clients what the client needs. Todd believes that the best counseling takes place in a collaborative working relationship with his clients, focusing on the client’s agenda. He understands that he is not the expert of his clients; they are the expert of themselves. Therefore, in counseling, Todd guides the client in self-discovery and assists the client in making the changes they seek.

God’s word tells us to “renew our minds” and Todd believes this is a key to living a healthier life. In counseling, he sees where many of his clients struggle with distortional thinking, which reduces an individual’s ability to live with peace, joy, and gratitude. By looking at and correcting thinking errors, clients complete counseling with a renewed way of experiencing life and cognitively processing each day and interaction they have. This takes place in individual counseling or marriage counseling. In marriage counseling, Todd sees the same distortional thinking creating relational issues between the couple. Many times making adjustments that create better understanding between the couple makes their relationship more manageable and more joyful.

For the men who come to marriage counseling rest assured counseling will not be about telling you how you are failing as a man. God created men different from women and He did this for a specific reason. In counseling, the goal is to allow the man to be a man and the woman to be a woman. When we create a different, healthier understanding of each individual, we create a way of loving what is right about one another instead of focusing on what is wrong. That does not mean we ignore the issues but we gain an understanding of what makes each person do what they do.

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Rocky Mountain Neurotherapy & Counseling is located in Loveland, Colorado.  We specialize in counseling, LENS treatments & helping you feel like yourself again.  We hope you enjoyed our blog post above and welcome you to reach out with any questions or to see how we can help you.

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