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About Heidi:

I am a jack of a few trades but a master of none…lots of miscellaneous skills under my belt as I have progressed in my life. I was a hairdresser and a bus driver for six years in my home state of North Dakota, and then I got the itch to travel, so I joined the Air Force! For 11 years, I worked on F-16 Fighter Jets as an Avionics Technician and as a Missile Alert Facility Manager, making my home in Arizona, Korea, Italy and North Dakota. I transitioned to the Air Force Reserve with a unit in Colorado Springs, CO for four years as an Air Transportation Craftsman and now I am a Chaplain Assistant with an Air Guard unit in Cheyenne, WY.  Twenty years have sure gone fast!

One of the greatest days of my life is when I married Todd and there is where our journey together, as well as Rocky Mountain Neurotherapy, began.  I have obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Colorado Christian University.  I am certified in the Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) and am a provider of LENS treatment.  Both Todd and I are LENS providers but since Todd does the counseling, I see the majority of our LENS clients.   It is my greatest hope that we can help as many individuals as possible to be the best person they aspire to be whether it is through LENS, counseling, and/or the Amethyst Crystal Biomat.

About Todd:

Like my beautiful bride, I have many vocational experiences; U. S. Marine, mechanic, service-advisor, customer service representative, lawn care specialist, and floor counselor.  Although, I am proud of my service and proud to have the title Marine, I never held a position where I felt called.  That all changed, however, as I began my own recovery from life's hurts and my own habits and hang-ups.

During my recovery, I discovered that I had always found joy in meaningful conversations, helping others find their way, collaborating with others to accomplish a goal, and I enjoyed engaging in discussion about a person's faith.  Once I was clearly able to see myself and connect with my personal gifts, I pursued a career in counseling.  All these years later, I have my own practice and I am privileged to enjoy it every day of life.

Growing up in a typical dysfunctional home, I walked away from my biological family with a few scars.  Those scars, other life experiences, my own recovery, and my education have put me in a position to walk alongside others as they seek to live life in a healthier way.  I consider it an honor to collaborate with my clients as they work through their individual process of change.  I enjoy working with individuals and love working with couples regardless of the issues they are struggling with. 

Additionally, when I was someone's Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) client, it was life changing for me.  The benefits were so phenomenal, I sought to make it a part of my own practice and after certification and an investment, Heidi and I have done just that.



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