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About Todd:

In individual counseling, Todd has worked with clients dealing with an array of problems and one thing he has discovered is that everyone deals with cognitive distortions. Everything a person does begins with a thought (conscious or subconscious) and thoughts will determine feelings, behaviors, and the consequences a person experiences, good or bad. Therefore, when we struggle with distortional thinking, a person will struggle with adverse feelings, behaviors that cause conflict or self-sabotage, and consequences that are unnecessary. Furthermore, the way a person thinks will have an effect on the structure of the brain.  Neurological pathways are created by the brain that will support the way the person thinks, whether the thinking is healthy or not.


Todd is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT) who is also trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and using these modalities of treatment, he is able to help the clients he works with pinpoint and correct problematic cognitive processes.  Utilizing psychoeducation, Todd helps his clients gain knowledge into how the brain works and why a person gets stuck in unwanted patterns of thought and/or behavior.  Many clients come to counseling frustrated with themselves because of their inability to change on their own.  Todd collaborates with his clients to discover how they arrived at the place they are and how to move past that.  Clients complete counseling with the ability to assess their own issues and create new, healthier habits to manage life and life’s stressors. 




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